The after life

I seem to be stuck in a cycle where I can only do this task ~ insert Very Important Task here ~ once I have completed that task ~ insert Really Very Important Task here ~ ?? What on Earth is this all about?

Like every parent/human, I am (usually) quite adept at multi-tasking. I hate it. But it’s the only way to manage a family of five/life. Trust me, I’ve tried single-tasking, it only works if I’m the only one I have to worry about. As in never.

And like every parent/human, I’ve dropped many a ball from over-multi-tasking. Lunches left on the bench. The kids sent to school in uniform on mufti day. Dinners burnt (our dogs love those nights). It’s a loong list, but you get the picture.

My concern here is ~ since starting my studies in Libraries and Information Services ~ I’ve lost my multi-tasking abilities. Everything goes on a list, that list gets prioritized and everything must be done in order of priority. One thing at a time. Or else I’ll die. Well, not really. But seriously. I’m sure my world will collapse in on itself if these lists aren’t crossed off in order of urgency, one at a time. Or I’ll forget to pick up one or more of the kids from school. Which would be a disaster in itself. To me, not the kids, they are much more resilient than I previously realised.

I feel selfish, devoting whole days (that’d be five and a half hours in parent time, the hours between dropping the kids off and picking them up) to me. My studies and assessments, research (lovely research, there ain’t much bad in trawling social media for library pages) and revision, just to make sure I’ve got it down pat. Dinners don’t get done, washing waits, chores pile up. I’m doing this for my future. The first major thing I’ve done solely for me since the first-born drew her first breath.

So multi-tasking is out the window, sayonara, see ya later. I’m pretty sure it’s a coping strategy, even of it’s a complete turnaround from how I’ve survived and kept a family alive functioning for years. If it keeps up, I don’t doubt that I’ll get used to it. I may now suck at multi-tasking, but I am utterly adaptable.


4 thoughts on “The after life

  1. mundaykye says:

    You’re like me. I can multi-task perfectly when I’m working but when it comes to studies I just can’t manage doing multiple things at once, having multiple assessments finished by their due dates so I gotta list them and cross them off too. At home my chores pile up (but that’s not really unusual as I tend to let things slide at home all the time, especially the cleaning chores) and my pets are really starting to get annoyed with my lack of time for them (except my rabbits, they love the lack of attention). As for maintaining the blog, I don’t have much trouble writing my blog but “participating” in everyone else’s blog is really difficult. I just don’t have the time to scroll through the reader for new TAFE posts and scrolling through specific pages takes even longer… I’m starting to prioritize now with every second day I focus on the reader only and post every other day… let’s see how long that lasts.

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