Divine discontent

“I grow weary of this place” screams Magenta in my all time favourite movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can recite the lines almost word for word. A whole movie! Who has the time….

But that one line floats into my mind more than any other. I feel that line more than any other. Take me home! It resonates deep within me. I’m a grown up, I’ve made my own homes for over 25 years. So where is this ‘home’ I long for? Why so weary with this place? And ohmygawd, please, do I have to pack everything again before I leave?


4 thoughts on “Divine discontent

  1. Hello there! I think my WordPress I’d is Rome1994. Great blog. Bonnie is terrific ask her anything you think of she loves her students!
    I so enjoyed the social media class last year and have since become mad about twitter. You can’t use all social media and one style will resonate with you.
    Enjoy, Peta

    • Hi! And thank you! Bonnie is amazing, I always leave her class inspired and knowing something I didn’t before I walked in. I’ll follow your blog, did you keep posting after this unit finished?

  2. Hi Sandra – very impressed with the amount of blog in your blogging…..if that’s the correct terminology! Just mean you’ve certainly written a lot and seem to be a natural.
    See you tomorrow..with hopefully the other half of my homework done! Agh!

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