And so it goes

Vale Sue Townsend.
I will reread my Adrian Mole – when I’ve unpacked my books – moving sucks, have I mentioned that? But it’s not nearly as sucky as death – and in my mind, the words of Kurt Vonnegut that sooth me to my core “so it goes”.

I remember reading the Adrian Mole Diaries in primary school. They were enjoyable enough for me to buy them as an adult on my op shop book trawls, though they’ve sat in the ‘kids section’ of my bookshelves just waiting for one of my three kids to latch onto my love of reading. Since child #1 and child #2 are in their mid to late teens, all of my hopes rest on the tiny shoulders of child #3. It’s a mild success, when I can get him off minecraft tutorials on YouTube :/

I despair that I’ve failed as a book loving Mama, especially when ‘my authors’ – those whose words made me want to claim their books for my own library – pass over to the Great Library In The Sky.


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